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Monday, November 5, 2012

Reaching out to Christy

Even though Andy wasn't the totally on board with the idea, I went ahead and decided to reach out to Christy, had shared the post on Adeye's FB wall.  I have no idea where this is going; I just know I am somehow being drawn to these two angels.
"Whew....okay we are all smitten with their sweet faces and the most recent pics Carrie sent last night. My husband and kids are super intersted and excited to see if we are the right fit for their needs. What should our next steps be? I asked Carrie the same thing last night and will await her response but should I start the homestudy here in my area? Also, I realize there are a couple other families interested in the boys too. I just want them to find the right family for them and understand it may not be us but I want to be open should this be our calling. Thank you Christy!!"

Send!  There I did it.

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