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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Social Worker's first visit

Email message to Carrie,  Christy and Adeye. 

  • November 27, 2012
4:53pm"Andrea Holland Edmunds
Friends - PLEASE keep Andy and I in your prayers this week. Social worker coming Thursday to meet with us. I am so behind with getting my paperwork complete before she gets here. She wants me to have the bio's and half of the online training completed.
I had so hoped to work on it over holiday but had my mother (who has dimentia) with me the whole time and between her and spending time with the kids, I did not get to it.
In addition, we have to give her $$ on Thursday before our first meeting. The timing is really not good for us. Several unexpected things have come up and in general, December is always very tight between Christmas and taxes. :-(
I am trying not to stress. I know we will pull it together. God has ALWAYS come through for us and I have to think this is just a roadblock that is perhaps testing our faith.
I am trying to be positive and not worry too much.
I would still ask for your prayers that Andy's faith won't be tested too much that he starts getting cold feet.
Thank you. Stay tuned.
It's almost 5:00. I am swamped at work and had every intention of working on this today at the office. It hasn't happened as of yet. I know it's just a "moment". It will pass. Just needed to vent and knew you all would understand."

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