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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pennies - oops I mean dollars - from Heaven!

Up to this point, a lot of paperwork, hours of online adoption classes and very little financial commitment.  Yes, I know it's coming but Andy and I have spoken very little about it.  I"m afraid that talking about it will lead to a conversation and reality check about how we can't afford this and the financial strain it will put on our family.

So when the Social Worker called saying she would be in our area meeting with another family and could reminded me yesterday that we need to pay her the fee (for the home study)  in full when she arrives, I was caught a little off guard.  I mean, I knew it was coming but I had sort of been in denial.  Up until this point, we were following the path laid out before us but so far the path had been pretty easy.   But now I was being asked to come up with a large sum of money in 24 hours.  Now is when the rubber hit the road.  How serious are we??

When I casually (okay mumbled) to Andy about the money the night before, he reminds me of the impending  financial obligations we have coming up in less than a month; not to mention Christmas is weeks away.  "Honestly, it would be financially irresponsible at this time", Andy says.    I know he's right but I'm sad and even worse, I hate having to tell "Kirsten" the night before we are not quite ready to start the interview process.  Even though I know she's in Richmond for another family anyway, I am embarrassed and disappointed having to make that call.

So since I am a bit of a procrastinator I decide I will tell Kristen when she comes in the morning and hope that perhaps she'll go ahead with the interview since she's here anyway.  I'm just not seeing this as an obstacle or a closed door like Andy may be thinking  this is.

So I'm sitting in Panera grabbing coffee with a friend early this morning.  While waiting I hop onto our online bank account to transfer Andy's paycheck into our "bill pay" account; except on this day I notice his deposit is off quite a bit.  It is EXACTLY off by the EXACT amount we were expected to pay the social worker in EXACTLY 3 hours.

So after calling Andy in a bit of a panic, we were surprised to learn his end of year bonus came a few weeks early this year.  There was nothing either of us could say.  We knew exactly what that money was meant for and there was no doubt what we would do with it immediately.  Gulp ..... God IS present and in this situation and there is no denying it on this day!

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