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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brothers - Waiting for Much Too Long

....And  the post read:

"Adeye - Please advocate for these boys. They are so old that no agency will bother listing them. They need a family willing to adopt independently from Ghana (we're doing that now and I'd be happy to help guide them). These boys NEED a family! They need and deserve to know the love of Christ! Please help their family find them!"


This was the day our lives would be forever changed.  This is their picture and their story and I could get 
neither out of my head.   I read the blog post that "Christy" had posted on my friend, Adeye's, FB Wall.   Emma was sitting next to me on the couch that evening and noticed my tears.  She read the story and immediately says to me "Mom, we gotta go get them.  They belong in our family. They even look like us."    Oh my sweet Emma.  She is my kindred spirit and our forever optimist.

Andy initially thought I was crazy but I knew what I was feeling was more than some temporary sympathetic tug at my heart. 

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