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Monday, May 19, 2014

Everyday God Moments ......

Yesterday's message (at HOPE) was about how God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt into the Promised Land.  Of course Moses thought it a daunting task and I can just imagine he tried to think of a million reasons why he was not up for the task.   Nonetheless the call was too great for him to ignore and he did as God asked.

Nicole shared how long and hard the struggle was for Moses and that he did not always know the answers or the outcome during this time.   BUT the one thing God did promise Moses was that He would never leave him and Moses would always know His presence in that very moment, and every moment of his journey.

It made me think about our adoption journey and how sometimes I feel the task too daunting and just impossible.  But how all along the way we have seen and felt everyday "God Moments" that just reassure us we are on the right path and doing His will.

Last night I (reluctantly) went with Andy to a work reception at the Governor's Mansion.  He knows how much I hate these types of things and rarely go.  It was a small gathering in the garden and was only supposed to be 90 minutes.

I started talking to this very nice couple and when she asked about my children, I shared ALL of them.  I don't always share with people I've just met about our adoption and I'm not sure why I even did last night but it just came out of my mouth.   Darlene seemed very curious and asked me more about it.  I tried to give the condensed version of "it's been a complete God thing and we were not looking to adopt".  In fact we never felt like we were up to the daunting task but that the force was just so strong and the path so clear and "here we are".

She then began to open up to me about how she had always felt like God had called her to be a foster parent but she feared for years she couldn't do it while raising her 3 children and that it may be too distracting or too difficult on them.   She said she had never shared it with anyone until a recent Bible Study with some other women a little over a year ago.  She said she felt so relieved to have just shared it with others and that the "tug on her heart" had been so great it was difficult for her to ignore it.

Well a week later there was a need at her church for a young 17 yr old boy needing a Foster Family.  Darlene said she knew right then that was her sign and what she was supposed to do.   It's been a year now and she says she doesn't have any regrets at all and the blessings far outweighed the struggles.   She had tears in her eyes when she shared what God had been doing in their lives ever since that day when she answered that call and stepped out in Faith.  We both laughed at all the conversation was just another "God moment" where we get reassurances and feel God's "presence" in random situations.

Moses never knew all the answers; yet he knew God was always present and would never leave him.  Well if it was good enough for Moses than it's more than enough for me today!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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