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Monday, May 12, 2014

A litte boy's plea ......

"mum some times i think i should cry because i dont know my light and right i dont when i am going to be with u forvere and i cry everyday de one i think about, its a long to see him and i think some times i lose hope God because mission inposible if i will never be to (usa)and i see u and de family my mind tells me that i have found what i want in my life may lord be with u. be with family, take u to highiet level love u mum"

This was my message from Askia yesterday. I hesitated to share it on here but his message has been tugging at my heart ever since I read it. I wanted to share with you why I am so deeply in love with these two boys.

When I explain to him we are working with new attorneys and getting funds together to send to them for a new court date, this is what he says:

"Sorry it not easy spend money on ophance like us"

Oh but you are SO worth it Askia - in God's eyes and in our hearts!! Mum and dad will NOT give up on you sweetie.

~ Andrea


  1. Do you have a tax-deductible way we can donate that I can mail a check to?? A Reece's Rainbow account, a church that's helping you that will receive funds on your behalf, etc?? Let me know!

  2. Hi Beka,
    Thank you so much for your kind message. Actually we are involved in our church's adoption group and Lifesong For Orphans can accept checks on our behalf. We are just signing up with them now and I should have an address for you next week and will let you know. Thank you SO much. We greatly appreciate it.