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Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank You!!!

I cannot thank you all enough for not only the donations but for the very kind messages of support. Reaching out for help is a very humbling and vulnerable place to be. And a place most of us don't feel comfortable. 
This message was a reminder that it is NOT about ME but its about two sweet, faithful boys that call me "mum". 
I am so grateful God selected me for this amazing adoption journey.  My Faith has been tested and stretched but through messages like this one, I know we are doing His will. 

I have followed the Salem's blog for quite awhile allowing her heart toward the orphan to teach me God's heart. But it was your boy's comment about how difficult it was to spent such money on orphans that truly broke my heart and my purse open. For which I am thankful. But I will pray continuously that your boys will know the joy of their worth to God. 
I am truly honored to be a small small part of your journey and will continue to follow your blog. 
Thank you for being open in sharing your life. And please do not hesitate to ask for help In your blog you said you hated to ask. Listen closely, dear sister... If you do not ask, I have no opportunity to be blessed. Don't keep God's blessings from me. It is His plan that these children have a large family who love and pray for them always. 
Lovingly, L"

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  1. Andrea I shared your fundraiser on FB. I hope people will help. Good luck!