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Monday, August 4, 2014

Request from USCIS for "more information"

So we received notice back from USCIS for a "request for more information". Fortunately, Mary is working with our amazing and very kind attorney, Hanifa, in Ghana to pull the requested documents.
It's been a week now since the request came in and I am hopeful that any day now they will be sending me the paperwork.
Also, in the meanwhile, Mary is waiting on the boys' passports to come in. 
Whenever I send frantic messages to Joseph or Askia asking them about the passports or if Mary has done this or that, I always get a very calm, reassuring reply from them something like this: "no worries mum. God is in control and it is all in His time.".
Oh how they continue to teach and inspire me. 
We are kind of in a holding pattern until we pass USCIS. From there we will apply for Visa's and will need to travel to Ghana for Visa interviews and to bring the boys home. 
Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this journey. So many changes have occurred since we began and so many devastating losses. We continue to follow God's calling in our lives and appreciate your love and support.

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