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Sunday, May 19, 2013

We made it to Ghana!!

After a very long journey - nearly 24 hours from Richmond, Virginia to Kumasi, Ghana - we are so very happy to be within hours of meeting Joseph and Askia for the very first time.   I can't imagine what they must be feeling right now; as I know Evan can barely contain himself with the anticipation he is feeling.

Mary just texted to say they would come after church service.  I understand that could mean a few hours.  I'm sure those boys are squirming through this service today.  ;-)  Since they are in Offinso, it will take a little over an hour for them to get to us by car.

We are staying at a hotel in Kumasi called Treasure Land.   The people here are definitely a "treasure".  As I type this blog post, "Colby" is helping Evan with his homework in the lobby.  Part of his assignment was to map out exactly where he is going in Ghana.  This is one Geography lesson he is sure to never forget!

I must mention that before Colby began the Journal Assignment, he had also prepared our breakfast and spent at least 30 minutes chasing lizards with Evan.  The lizards in Ghana are much faster than American and Jamaican Lizards we have determined.  Everyone here is getting a kick out of the little white boy running around; determined to catch these speedy little creatures.   They have underestimated his perseverence; I have assured them.

At breakfast this morning,  the only other couple in the "restaurant" was a young Canadian girl sitting with a local Ghanaian having breakfast.  Of course I had to introduce myself since she was the first white skin I have seen since leaving the Kumasi Airport.

Turns out she has been living in Kumasi for over a year working at the Agriculture Center here.  Muriel is her name and she appeared in her early 20's.  She shared with me a couple places to go for local fabrics, soccer jerseys and some local bags.  She reiterated how loving, friendly and safe the area was and how much she loved Kumasi and its people.  It is a very Christian area and a lot of worship and Bible Studies going on she said. As we ate, we could hear the music and singing from at least 2 churches near by. 

Last night, at the same "restaurant" (which felt more like my grandmother's kitchen with a few more tables in it) a group of 4 local Ghanaians sat down at a table next to us.  I assumed they were coming in to watch a game on TV and would be ordering cocktails/beer and out socializing on a Saturday night like many American guys at a hotel bar.   After politely welcoming us to the area (it's pretty apparent we are visitors), they ordered a round of Sprite and Coca Cola's, held hands and prayed before their Bible Study.

As I sit here in the tiny lobby, I am looking at Evan sitting at an outside table with Colby and another local young man helping Evan with his map and assignment.  It's the cutest thing ever watching them together.  Evan just ran past me to go grab his Science Book  I am loving this Home School thing!!

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  1. How exciting Andrea (and Evan). I can not wait for your next post and to hear about meeting your new sons for the first time. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about the joyful event! Be safe, take lots of pics and hurry home. Love, Stacey