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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Alert: Government of Ghana Suspends Intercountry Adoptions"

So after several hours waiting in line at the Ghana Embassy yesterday, we were told the soonest it would be ready for pick up would be Monday after 1!!!  But we are supposed to leave on Friday.  Clearly this would not work.     I quickly hopped on our Ghana Adoption FB Page for advice.  Thankfully someone quickly replied saying that there was a Ghana Consulate Office in Houston and they provided a quick turnaround.  We made the decision to take our chances on Houston.

Prayer answered.  A very kind woman by the name of Dianne assured us she would turn it around same day once she received our application and passport.  Andy and I hurried to the UPS Office down the street to send it Next Day Air to the Houston Consulate to an "angel" named Dianne.

On the way home from DC, we stopped for lunch and to pick up some last minute items for Ghana.  We have to assume this would be road block was diverted for now and we are back on track for our Friday departure.  After all, Dianne assured me she would turn the Visa around same day.

I'm back in my office by 3, emotionally drained but optimistic all will be fine and this was just a minor hurdle.
My bigger problems now lie at work.  We are in the middle of a major site re-launch and a couple of large design projects in NYC and Miami.  I have a great, dedicated, supportive staff at my office but I hate to leave them with so much going on and me so far away with little or no internet connection.

By 7:30 I am now emotionally and physically drained and it's all I can do to make it home to a relaxing bath, dinner and bed!  And now this .....  Andy reads the headline to me from the Ghana Adoption FB Page. The same page that had delivered my angel earlier in the day is now reporting this news?!?

Andy and I look at each other in disbelief.  Is this the sign that it's now time to abort our "orphan rescue" mission?  After all the headlines sound pretty clear.  All this work we have done and now the country is cutting off the opportunity of a forever family for these poor boys?   I just couldn't talk about it anymore and crawled into bed praying that God would give us a sign as to what to do.

I guess Andy needed the rest to come to a conclusion this morning.  The fact this message comes just days before we head to Ghana to start adoption proceedings is just typical for an "Edmunds' adventure".  Of course you will still go, he says.  We've come this far.  They surely can't mean us when they make this kind of announcement!!  

Alert: Government of Ghana Suspends Intercountry Adoptions

Until the next chapter ...... prayers appreciated!!

~ Andrea


  1. Oh Andrea!! I had no idea you were heading down this path! I have a good friend here in TN in the process of adopting twin girls and their older brother from Ghana that are caught in this horrible mess! Praying for you!! Xo
    Susan (and Dave)

  2. While reading this, I kept hearing this thought in my head, "Boy, Satan is fighting hard to keep Andrea from these boys." You will get them. I have no doubt. You can do ALL things thru Christ, who will strengthen you. Keep the faith. Don't look at things seen, these are temporary distractions. Keep your eyes on what never changes, and that is the precious face of Jesus. You are doing His work. He will deliver you. I know it seems so hopeless, but it isn't. It's all smoke and mirrors. Those boys are already yours. Keep the faith, girl!
    Sending you more love.