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Friday, May 10, 2013

He is either everything or He is nothing at all .......

A very dear friend told me that today.  And I so needed that reminder.

So it's official.  Evan and I fly to Ghana a week from today!    Still so much to do and so much I am worried about while I am away but I know I am not alone in any of this.

Last week we were honored to have Carrie, her three children and Mary, the Orphanage Director and "grandmother" to the 74 orphans at the Offinso Home for Children in Ghana spend some time with us in our home.  Carrie is the one who put that original post/plea out there on Adeye's FB Page talking about the boys and their desire for a forever family.  She and her family live in South Carolina.

Mary was in the US briefly; escorting a sweet 18 month old boy to his new family in Michigan.  Allison and Tim Nelson are now enjoying life, as they never knew before, with a handsome, busy little boy named Eli, who was brought to the orphanage after his mother died suddenly.

This is Joseph with Eli in Ghana.

We were so fortunate to spend so much time with Mary and get to know her. It's evident she loves these kids wholeheartedly and has devoted her life to their well being and care.  It's so reassuring to know that Joseph and Askia have always been loved.   Mary brought letters the boys had written to us.  In them they express their gratitude and tell us how anxious they are to see us in Ghana.

Having gotten to know Mary a little better has certainly made us all feel more at peace about the upcoming trip,   I think it especially made Andy feel better about our traveling so far away. Mary has assured us she will have one of the older boys (from the orphanage) pick Evan and I up from the Kumasi Airport and drive us to our hotel.  Evan and I will spend the first night in Kumasi and on Sunday we will meet Joseph and Askia for the fist time.

As Evan and I are getting prepared for this unbelievable adventure, I find myself an emotional mess this week.  I am sad about missing Madison's very first prom and just being away from them for so long.  It definitely helps being able to take Evan with me.   I am also an emotional wreck at work finding myself worrying about everything and everyone while I am away.   I actually cried in a meeting today discussing priority lists for product loading.

I have to remind myself I am not alone in this and God is in control and NOT me!!  I need to let go of my fear and worry and have FAITH.   Someone shared this with me this morning and I liked it.  I will remind myself of this when I am feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  "I have enough. I am enough and I do enough."

Tomorrow we will start packing our suitcases and preparing our hearts for the trip that will forever change our lives.


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  1. God is enough, and He has you. Bless you, Andrea. You are doing God's work, and he will give you the strength. He will protect and prosper your children and your business. It's all His anyway. I'm very humbled by your heart.