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Friday, January 24, 2014

An angel named Andrew

I've been hesitant to share too much about my last couple of phone calls from Nana and her husband because quite honestly I just wasn't sure how serious they were and really how much they could do for us. But I feel like I need to give God the praise in all of this because there is clearly no other reason any of this is happening.

So last week I received an email from Nana asking me to call her as she and her husband "had an update" for me with regards to our adoption. Of course I called but really had no expectations at all. I believed they wanted to help but I really had no idea what they were capable of or what kind of connections they had. So I remained reluctantly optimistic.

Nana answered the phone and quickly suggested I speak with her husband who could explain recent events better than she. Her husband says hello like we're old friends. He apologizes for not calling sooner but says he wanted to wait until there was some real progress to report back to us. He goes on to say that his lawyers have met with the our attorney in Kumasi as well as the Director of Social Services in Kumasi. He tells me his lawyers are petitioning the court on our behalf and that if they don't make any head way in Kumasi, they will go straight to the Court in Accra.

He spoke with such authority and confidence. I was so taken aback at what this 'stranger' was saying to me, I was speechless. All I could say was "How can I ever thank you, re-pay you. I don't even know your name." "First", he said, "my name is Andrew and you don't owe me a thing." "God brought us together. I have the means to help you and that's what I am here to do for you." Of course I am near sobbing at this point. Rarely am I at a loss for words but clearly there are no words in my mind that convey what my head and heart are feeling at this moment. I mean, this man is giving of his time and resources to help a total stranger. Only God makes such a thing like this happen.

I continue to tell him how thankful I am and I have no idea how I can ever re-pay him for his kindness. He reassures me that it is no accident his wife called PoshTots that day and it was no accident I answered the phone. In my heart I know this is the only thing that makes any sense at all. And for a split second, I pictured God up there in Heaven chuckling at the look on my face as Andrew and I put all of this together. "Silly girl", says God, "don't you know I part seas and move mountains". "This is nothing for me, ye of little Faith," "Oh, but I do have Faith," I say. And I know this is all You, God!!!

As I sit here tonight trying to figure out exactly "how, if and when" all of this will work out, I am turning it over and learning to Trust. If not for myself, I will Trust for two amazing boys on the other side of the world who desperately want a family of their own. Joseph and Askia, my loves, I promise I will not give up on you. You have a mother, father, two sisters and a brother who love you so very much and pray daily for you to come home.

~ Andrea


  1. Thanks for the update! Amazing! Praying it is soon!

  2. **TEARS** Beautiful, happy, praise-filled tears! God chose you for these boys. I eagerly await the day they are legally declared YOURS forevermore! ♥♥

  3. Press on, my friend! God is showing Himself mighty and powerful! Awesome.