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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping the Faith

So after worrying how in the world we will handle four weeks in Ghana, I am reminded that God is in control and He will not give us anymore than He knows we can handle.

Andy and I seriously began questioning how we could manage the 4 week requirement; even if we split it up.  I made a decision not to worry too much about this yet.  I just have to believe God would not have brought us this far for something like this to deter us.

After emailing Mary to explain just how difficult this requirement would be on our family, she came back to us a few days ago suggesting we come for two weeks middle of May and return for court in June or July.  So even though the return court date and length of visit is a little uncertain at this time, I can rejoice that the original 4 week requirement is now only 2 weeks.  This is manageable and we are grateful for this.

We have also decided that instead of my going alone,  Evan will go with me for the two weeks.  It will be an amazing opportunity for him to experience and he will enjoy bonding with his brothers.   Madison and Emma agree this is a good plan.  Their acceptance was important to us as we wanted this to be a family decision.

After getting the blessing from our school today, we will begin looking for the best flights right away.

My lesson in all of this has been to learn to let go of fear and not let fear control me.  "Our course has been charted.  All is well.  Today I will relax, breathe, and go with the flow."

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